Internship Experience

Kendrick Peterson
Kendrick Peterson, Class of 2020

The internship is the hallmark of the Washington Program experience. Immersed in a dynamic work culture, students develop essential skills and expand their professional network. Being a part of the day-to-day operations of their organization provides real world perspective and discernment.

Washington Program staff and the Center for Career Development work closely with each student to guide them through the internship application process.

Each student will be responsible for choosing where to apply for an internship. For over 20 years, students in the Washington Program have interned with a range of offices and organizations including; Capitol Hill, the White House, lobbying and law firms, think tanks and public interest organizations, consulting companies, media and news organizations. Students receive three credit hours for their internship.

We’ve asked some of our most recent graduates from the Washington Program about their experience:

Government & Politics

Think Tanks

Legal Services

Nonprofit & Advocacy

Consulting & Business


Other Opportunities