Think Tanks

From left to right and nonpartisan, Washington Program students have gotten a taste of the intersection of research and policy at numerous think tanks across D.C.:

  • American Enterprise Institute

  • Atlantic Council

  • Brookings Institution

  • Center for American Progress

  • Center for International Policy

  • Heritage Foundation

  • Hudson Institute

  • Institute for Policy Studies

  • U.S. Asia Institute

  • Washington Office on Latin America


Michelle Casas, Fall 2019

Michelle Casas
Michelle Casas, Class of 2021

Brookings Institution, Race, Prosperity and Inclusion Initiative

"I wrote a 24 page report highlighting policies in the US and Canada that promote equitable outcomes for youth of color. This report highlighted noticeable trends in the US and Canada over the last few years as they relate to equity,...recommendations for policy makers, and also brought attention to all of the disparities that remain.