Summer in D.C.

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Summer in DC is hot, humid, and full of opportunities! Although the Washington Program does not have a formal summer program, we encourage ND students to think about interning in Washington for the summer. We support students by sharing planning tips, connecting students, and organizing social events throughout the summer. 

Tips & Helpful Information

Prior students have compiled a guide with helpful tips on finding internships, securing housing, budgeting, and more. It's a great resource to answer any questions you might have about the summer experience in D.C.

Connect with Other Notre Dame Students

Students that are looking for housing with other ND students can share their information on our housing board. Note: this is only accessible for current ND students.

The best way to learn about events on campus this spring and programming over the summer is to join our Google Group by searching "DC Summer 2021" from the Google Groups app. Note: this group is limited to current ND students.